YellowGate in the Field

YellowGate manufactures a versatile line of products for an array of industrial applications. The original universal swing gate is a single SKU gate solution for simple-setup fall protection. The new YellowGate XL is a traffic gate solution to control entry vehicle entryways to a facility. YellowGate RS is a railing system solution for non-penetrating rooftop handrails and modular crowd control barriers. With always-in-stock components and flexible field-adjustability, YellowGate gets you up and running fast and will reduce facility costs in the long run. Below are just a few ways YellowGate products can improve your facility.

Fall Protection Gates

The YellowGate flagship product is the universal swing gate. Its fully-adjustable design enables facilities to stock up for a variety of future needs. A single SKU saves time and money by simplifying the purchase decision.

Traffic Control Gates

YellowGate XL is the premier aluminum traffic gate. Thanks to the patent-pending Malbec Tensioner, YellowGate XL is an easy-lift, ergonomic traffic gate that delivers superior performance for indoor or outdoor applications.

Rooftop Handrails & Crowd Control Barriers

The YellowGate RS railing system has a modular design that is suitable for both non-penetrating rooftop railing as well as temporary crowd control barriers. The railing system can be disassembled and reconfigured into a new solution as needed eliminating the need for expensive custom-engineered railing.